250 destinations: a labor of love

A ferry crossing the st. Annabaai to Punda in Willemstad, Curacao

Photo by Jochem Wijnands


250 destinations: a labor of love

We created TRVL because we’re travelers, and we’re travelers because we love to explore, discover and share.

Nils von der Assen
Nils von der Assen Editor

For us, there’s nothing better than exchanging the coolest tips and discoveries with like-minded people – to uncover hidden gems together, to empower each other to see the world, to inspire and be inspired. Here, at the TRVL office, everything we do is fuelled by a fierce belief that ‘T2T’ (traveler-to-traveler) is the way to go. We take pride in what we do.

That's why we're super excited to see our '250 destinations' project come to life. Over the past few months, a dedicated team of passionate TRVL’ers have channeled all their enthusiasm, knowledge and travel experiences to compile a list of 250 of the world’s most special destinations, all conveniently divided up into neighborhoods.

And here’s the best part: for each neighborhood, we’ve made a hand-picked selection of the very best, most special places to stay. Our inventory features the finest, funkiest, quirkiest hotels from across the globe, so you’ll only ever be a few clicks away from a unique getaway.

From sleep-bookcases to igloos and Napoleonic mansions to a lodge in the woods that you can only reach by plane, our list contains all manner of one-of-a-kinds. Our team has looked further than just the eye-catchers, though – there’s something for everyone, regardless of tastes and budget. You’ll find boutique, business and everything else in-between, with prices ranging from low to high.

It’s been a labor of love and a very enjoyable one at that. We truly hope you’ll dig it.

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